1. Chana

From the recording Pieces

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Within Judea's gates they stand
Subject to the king's command
A widow and her seven sons
Tall and proud, she raised each one

He calls the eldest to his throne
Abandon what you call your own
The boy stands firm, he will not break
With faith he's put his life at stake

And she says,
Go my son, don't look behind
The answers we don't need to find
She wants to break down, hold him tight
The scent of death, the pain, the fright
The soldiers shout, she shields her eyes
How can a mother watch her child die
It's all for you, she whispers low
My son she cries, I can't let go
I can't let go

The endless nights, the long hard years
She's fighting back the flood of tears
To each she whispers, be strong my boy
You were my life, my pride and joy

Six handsome sons now torn away
Her youngest left, he turns to say
You've taught me that our God is One
And now I know what must be done

From sun-tipped rooftops, a mournful cry
A woman stands, her head held high
City of gold, you are my breath
Your dawn has witnessed a thousand deaths

I've never seen the sun so strong
A moment has never felt this long
She walks ahead, a steady stride
A strength of steel from deep inside

Seven noble princes slain
A sunrise never saw such pain
A life the world will not forget
Torn, she leaps; a sun has set

The heavens tremble as she dies
The angels sing, the sages cry
A soul that gave can now ascend
She's dancing with her sons again