1. Sunlight

From the recording Pieces

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Sunlight throws its shadows
As you sit so serene
A gentle breeze that plays a tune
I tiptoe in unseen

I wonder where your thoughts are
When you seem so far away
And when I hold your hand in mine
I close my eyes and pray

Strengthen her to lead us on
She binds us all as one
Show her that the sun still shines
That good times have begun
There's a hope she still holds on to
Fulfill the dream we share
For the wind is blowing stronger now
But her flame won't disappear

I have come to ring your doorbell
On a lonely summer's day
But the sunlight playing on your chair
Tells me you’ve gone away
In the silent peace that fills your room
Your laughter sings out clear
There are some flames that will always burn
And never disappear

I’ve grown to learn though the wind may cry
And a violent ocean roars
Some chapters never truly close
As the way it is with yours

Now when I pray for you on Friday night
Somehow I feel the same
It must be that your soul is near
You are an everlasting flame