1. Send Me A Sign

From the recording Pieces

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Yesterday I came to you
Drawing on the past
I searched, it seemed eternity
I found you here at last

But I don't know if you heard me
If you watched me head back home
Were you praying, did you feel my touch
Beneath the silent stone

Send me a sign
Send me rainbows in the sky
Send me your faith at night
Send me wings to fly
Send me a letter of laughter and love
Send me a sign that says you’re watching from above

I'll come to see you someday soon
But only when I’ve grown
When I know you'll be proud of me
You'll call me as your own

If I will carry on your name
Why must we be apart
Perhaps the signs I’m waiting for
Are hidden in my heart

Send me a sign
I've got to keep on going
I will travel far
Can't see the road ahead
How do I break away
Keep everything that's mine