I've been grieving
Over every little change
I've been tearing
Like the humid summer rain

I've been choosing all the pieces
But the pieces never fit
We’ve been playing
Until my heart breaks
All that's left is me to quit

I will take this tower down
Let you build here on my ground
I will turn my speakers 'round
So I can hear some of your sound
I will lose the things I've crowned
So I can crown what I have found
I will take this tower down
Let you build here on my ground

I've been wandering
Just like a child who's lost his way
And I keep fighting
Oh the same things every day

I've been choosing all the pieces
Why don't the pieces ever fit
Why are we playing
Until my heart breaks
Now all that's left is me to quit


Within Judea's gates they stand
Subject to the king's command
A widow and her seven sons
Tall and proud, she raised each one

He calls the eldest to his throne
Abandon what you call your own
The boy stands firm, he will not break
With faith he's put his life at stake

And she says,
Go my son, don't look behind
The answers we don't need to find
She wants to break down, hold him tight
The scent of death, the pain, the fright
The soldiers shout, she shields her eyes
How can a mother watch her child die
It's all for You, she whispers low
My son she cries, I can't let go
I can't let go

The endless nights, the long hard years
She's fighting back the flood of tears
To each she whispers, be strong my boy
You were my life, my pride and joy

Six handsome sons now torn away
Her youngest left, he turns to say
You've taught me that our G-d is One
And now I know what must be done

From sun-tipped rooftops, a mournful cry
A woman stands, her head held high
City of gold, you are my breath
Your dawn has witnessed a thousand deaths

I've never seen the sun so strong
A moment has never felt this long
She walks ahead, a steady stride
A strength of steel from deep inside

Seven noble princes slain
A sunrise never saw such pain
A life the world will not forget
Torn, she leaps; a sun has set

The heavens tremble as she dies
The angels sing, the sages cry
A soul that gave can now ascend
She's dancing with her sons again


On the highway up to Jerusalem
Winding through the streets in the morning sun
He’s been travelin' this road a thousand times or more
But each time it's like he’s never done it before

He tells me,
I was born up north in the Galilee
Where the moist green earth hugs the deep blue sea
I'm gonna live and die in this holy land
Lay to rest with my fathers in the desert sands

As we're rockin' and a bumpin' up the narrow streets
He tells me holy stories, I'm not missing a beat
He’s a follower, devout, of the Baba Sali
But he says we're really all one family

Sports a small woven kippah upon his head
Worn with years of war and bloodshed
His heart is afire when he stands to pray
Says there are just some things you can't throw away

Although my stomach's turnin' queasy as the ride gets rough
I could stay here forever, and never get enough
Cause my driver, the hasid, he has got me in a trance
His granddad dressed for Shabbos five hours in advance

He tells me,
He was a saintly man, and I’ll keep his flame alive
Yeah all week I'm a drivin’ but I’ll never break the ties
My Torah shiur's on every Shabbos afternoon
And I see his eyes a smilin' as I sing his holy tune

Yeah he's my bus driver and he's a hasid through and through
And his love for G-d is mighty strong, he’s taught me a thing or two
Sports a small woven kippah upon his head
Worn with years of war and bloodshed
His heart is afire when he stands to pray
Says there are just some things you can’t throw away

Long as the world is a turnin'
Every soul is alive and she's yearnin'
I've seen the flame that is always a burnin'

Now my stop's coming up, but I don’t wanna leave
And I can already smell the Jerusalem breeze
And my driver's motto is a ringin' in my head
Don't fear anyone but G-d, as the Baal Shem Tov's father said


Clipped my wings, so I could grow my own
You sent me away, to find a new path home
You turned out the lights, so I would look inside
And I thought, how do I dance when the music's died

Oh dance you will
But those steps won't be mine
I can't promise it easy
But I promise you'll shine
And when you feel me deep inside
Oh then you'll know I no longer hide

Unraveled the strings
I will tie them back up
You rain me down with your blessings
Don't ever stop
Unthreaded your dream
Because you knew I could weave
Now together we'll both make it different
Now together we'll both make it ours

You pushed me gently through an unknown door
You said, walk where nobody's walked before
You turned out the lights, so I would look inside
And I thought, how do I dance when the music's died

Oh dance you will, but those steps won't be mine...


Heard he wrestled an angel
Fought him all through the night
Swore he wouldn't give up
He'd be the last man to fight

Heard he wrestled that angel
Until the pink morning light
Oh he dared not cross over
No he dared not take flight

No battlefield left, no battle cry
The war is over, you and I
And this cocoon can't hold a butterfly
Worn it through to reach the sky
The war is over, you and I
The war is over, you and I

And I, I wrestled my angel
Fought for all that was mine
As he tore through my city
Left it a desolate shrine

Oh how I wrestled that angel
Until the pink morning light
Oh I dared not cross over
No I dared not take flight

And I've got no more space
Oh it's time to show your face
'Cause I've walked this battleground too long, too long
I've got no more space
And all we're losing is the pace
I have found you in the embers of war, this war


Yesterday I came to you
Drawing on the past
I searched, it seemed eternity
I found you here at last

But I don't know if you heard me
If you watched me head back home
Were you praying, did you feel my touch
Beneath the silent stone

Send me a sign
Send me rainbows in the sky
Send me your faith at night
Send me wings to fly
Send me a letter of laughter and love
Send me a sign that says you’re watching from above

I'll come to see you someday soon
But only when I’ve grown
When I know you'll be proud of me
You'll call me as your own

If I will carry on your name
Why must we be apart
Perhaps the signs I’m waiting for
Are hidden in my heart

Send me a sign
I've got to keep on going
I will travel far
Can't see the road ahead
How do I break away
Keep everything that's mine


On a dusty road
I have wandered far
Hellos, goodbyes,
Like a lonely star

Heard a soul comes down
And it don't know why
Maybe just for this
Till it learn to fly

Like a ray of light
In the dark night storm
You've been the only one
Who can keep me warm
While the world walks on
You still wait for me
Now I have your love
And I'm soaring free

Like a bird in flight
On a summer’s eve
I can go anywhere
You believed
Oh I never dreamed
How a friendship grows
Now our love runs strong
Like the river flows

Do I know your name
Have I seen your face
Have we met before
In another place

When a lifetime's gone
They can only dance
You have given all
Taken every chance


Sunlight throws its shadows
As you sit so serene
A gentle breeze that plays a tune
I tiptoe in unseen

I wonder where your thoughts are
When you seem so far away
And when I hold your hand in mine
I close my eyes and pray

Strengthen her to lead us on
She binds us all as one
Show her that the sun still shines
That good times have begun
There's a hope she still holds on to
Fulfill the dream we share
For the wind is blowing stronger now
But her flame won't disappear

I have come to ring your doorbell
On a lonely summer's day
But the sunlight playing on your chair
Tells me you’ve gone away
In the silent peace that fills your room
Your laughter sings out clear
There are some flames that will always burn
And never disappear

I’ve grown to learn though the wind may cry
And a violent ocean roars
Some chapters never truly close
As the way it is with yours

Now when I pray for you on Friday night
Somehow I feel the same
It must be that your soul is near
You are an everlasting flame


No one loved as deeply as you
No one lived for the people like you
No one carried the burdens of millions of souls
You eased the pain
At every bend in the road

Now there's a hunger for your unspoken words
Unspoken words...
Your faith and spirit
Is surging through me
In the unspoken words
Unspoken words
I believe...

No one searched out the lonely like you
No one held on stronger than you
No one stirred this world with such heart and soul
Tell me, who carried your tears
Helped shoulder your load

And though I've never met you
My life isn't the same
You lifted me up
You gave me a name


It's a dam spilling over
Never tasted such rain
Who knew there were angels
Riding midnight trains

I lost all my keys
And you unhinged the door
Saw nothing below
And you built a new floor

Oh it's an I feel hope
And I can hear my name
This mind will never think the same again
It's too many notes for this music score
A drumbeat my heartstrings ain't strummed to before

What can I do
What can I do
With this gratitude
I'll give back
I'll give back
I'll give back to you